Most of us have had a filling or know someone that’s had a filling, and there is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes, fillings are necessary to preserve the tooth. We don’t want the process to seem overwhelming or scary for your little one, so our team focuses on creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere while your child gets their filling. Our team cracks jokes and focuses on making sure your child is having fun the entire time so your child will never feel intimidated or scared about receiving a filling. Come on in to see what makes us the best pediatric dental team around!

Fillings in Trophy Club, TX - Lantzy Children Dentistry

What is a Filling?

Dental fillings are used to restore the functionality and integrity of a tooth. When a cavity is present, it can lead to a long road of issues. So we fill the cavity, protecting the integrity of the tooth. Did you know that your child can get a tooth colored filling? That’s right! There is virtually no visual difference between a filling and the tooth. Making our fillings functional and aesthetic. 

Common Symptoms After a Filling

Common symptoms after having a filling procedure are numbness in the surrounding area and in the lips as well as discomfort in the surrounding area.


Committed to Dental Excellence

Our team at Lantzy Children’s Dentistry is committed to dental excellence, which means your child will receive the very best care and treatment. Because of our commitment to excellence, each of our expert team members are constantly seeking new methods and knowledge to best treat your child. Lantzy Children’s Dentistry delivers treatment you can trust!

Happy Faces of Happy Clients

Check out some of our happy clients! Seeing our patients smile is what makes our world go round. We are so appreciative of each and every one of our patients, and we hope to add you and your child to our long list of happy clients!

We Love to See You Smile

Our office goal is to have your child leave our practice with a healthy smile and a positive attitude toward dental care.