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Getting Ready for Braces: Tips from Your Dentist

Getting Ready for Braces: Tips from Your Dentist

Lots of kids end up needing braces to help them straighten their teeth. But the idea of getting braces might feel a little scary. It’s okay to have mixed feelings about your new braces because your Lantzy Children’s Dentistry team is here to help you feel more prepared and comfortable.

Your braces might feel a little strange at first, but our goal at Lantzy Children’s Dentistry is to make everything as easy as possible for all of our patients. The great news is, there are steps we can take before you go to the orthodontist to get your braces. From taking care of your teeth to eating the right foods, here are some simple tips to help you get ready.

Keep Your Teeth Super Clean

Even before you see the orthodontist, you need to make sure your teeth are squeaky clean. Clean teeth will help the brackets stay on well, and keep you from needing repairs to fix broken brackets. So, brush and floss your teeth really well to make your teeth nice and clean for Dr. Lantzy and your new braces. It is super important to visit our office in Trophy Club, TX, to get your teeth cleaned so our team can prepare your smile for braces.

Prepare for Some Soreness

Right after your orthodontist applies your new braces, your mouth might feel a little bit sore, and it might take some time to get used to the new feeling of braces. But don’t worry, this is totally normal. You just need some time to get used to your braces.

Get Your Braces Care Kit Ready

Since braces can sometimes make your mouth feel uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to have a braces care kit ready at your house and one to take on the go. Your mom and dad can help you get the proper supplies together in your braces care kit. Some important supplies to have in your braces care kit are chapstick, a water bottle, a cold pack and orthodontic wax. Your parents can make sure you have some over-the-counter medicine for you as well. 

Your orthodontic wax will be really helpful during your braces journey. This special wax that your orthodontist gives you can ease the pain when your new braces rub against the inside of your cheeks and lips. If that happens, you can put a bit of wax on your braces to make it feel better. That’s why you always want to keep some wax with you in your braces care kit.

Watch What You Eat

While you’re getting used to having braces, it’s better to avoid certain foods. Stay away from sticky, crunchy, chewy, or hard foods. Stick to soft things like yogurt, smoothies, mashed potatoes or some soft steamed veggies. As you get used to braces, you can start eating other stuff again, don’t worry it won’t take long. You will have to avoid really sticky, chewy, and hard foods like popcorn, suckers, and whole, crunchy foods like apples and carrots. If you’re unsure about any other foods, just call our office to double check if it’s braces-friendly!.

Take a “Before” Picture

Before you get your braces, make sure your mom or dad takes a picture of your smile. Your smile will change once you get braces and as your teeth move, your face might change a bit too! Even if you don’t love your smile right now, taking a “before” picture is a good idea. It’ll show you how much your smile has changed during treatment, and will help you appreciate your new smile even more! 

Talk to Your Dentist

If you’re thinking about getting braces, talk to our team at Lantzy Children’s Dentistry, or have your parents talk to us! We can answer any questions you may have about how braces work and can show you what to do to keep your teeth healthy while you have them. We are only a short phone call away. Call our office at (817)-837-4545. We’re here to help guide you through your braces journey!

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